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photo of ABT buckle
Patented ABT buckle
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In 1985 an Italian improved the fiberglass ski boot buckle by adding a threaded rod to the loop and patenting the idea. Until then to adjust the length of the loop required that the loop be removed and a longer or shorter loop be installed for each buckle. With the advent of the threaded rod it was now possible to adjust the buckle by disengaging the loop and spinning it to the desired length. This idea was sold to Lange which pioneered the plastic boot and became known as the micro adjuster. Today this option is still not available on low cost boots. The ABT unit is the first innovation to the buckle in nearly fifteen years.

After the first several runs most skiers feel their boot loosen at the top two buckles. To tighten these buckles with both boots and skis on requires a flexibility and strength that many skiers don't have or an exertion that is painful. Add to those factors the need to remove gloves in cold and windy conditions to open the buckle and reset the loop on the ladder at a tighter level adds to the discomfort.
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diagram of ABT buckle system
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All ski boot buckles operate as fulcrum machine. The hinge on the handle being the pivot point over which the loop and the handle are held down. The further out on the ladder the loop is placed the greater the closing resistance on the handle. With the ABT unit the handle can be closed at the lowest resistance and the desired tension dialed up by way of a worm gear operated by the flip up handle which is raised by the extended tab with the abt logo on it.

This solves the problem most skiers face between skiing with tight boots or boots as tight as their rotating strength and leverage can push down the top two buckle handles, a compromise that reduces the performance of their boot. It can be installed using a pop rivet installer or T-locks.

What the people are saying:

     ABT Buckle Detail
photo of ABT buckle detail
photo of ABT buckle detail
Patented ABT buckle
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"An ideal way to tighten a boot to the exact tension I want" -- Ski patroller, Sunday River.

"The perfect way for me to take up some tightness just before I go through the gate." -- Pro Racer.

"I have three kids under 12 this will allow them to tighten their own boots and I won't have to do it at the top of Sugarloaf" -- A local internist.

"I won't have to have my wife push down my handles anymore" -- Halifax, N.S.

"I want a set for my wife today!" -- Sugarloafer since '78.

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A set of 4 buckles are $595.00 including shipping in lower 48.

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